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One way to influence the way that people perceive your brand is by establishing your brand personality. This is achieved by assigning human qualities and character traits to your brand and describing it as though it were a person with a unique voice and approach to customer interactions. Brand archetypes, like the ones we have created, are incredibly effective marketing tools that have the power to evoke emotions, challenge the status quo, and help you engage with your customer’s on a personal level.

How will my brand personality affect my brand?

Whether you are starting a brand new business or are an experienced business person, it is important to have a strong understanding of your brand personality. This will inform you as you build a brand strategy and develop a brand message that will reach your target audience. A brand personality influences every aspect of a brand including its logo, brand colors, website design, social media copy, email marketing, and digital content.

If you provide a service, your brand message will influence the way you interact with your customers. If you manufacture a product, your packaging will be influenced by your brand personality. For some industries, a brand personality may come naturally. Restaurants, for example, have a brand personality that instantly communicates to the customer what kind of experience they will have when they visit. In general, it will be easier for B2C companies to pinpoint and define their brand personality. However, it is just as important for B2B companies like industrial manufacturers, to establish their brand personality. While you can control the elements that go into creating your brand your brand it’s intangible reputation is determined by the collective consciousness of your customers.

What’s your Brand Personality?

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  1. The Youthful Innovator
  2. The Trusted Advisor
  3. The Rugged Connoisseur
  4. The Classic Entrepreneur
  5. The On-trend Sophisticate
  6. The Hometown Hero

The Youthful Innovator

Youthful Innovator Brand Personality

Your brand is young, hip, cool, and hopeful for the future. Whether you are in customer service or sales you thrive on innovation and cutting edge technologies that think outside the box. You like bold, warm brand colors with high contrast and your website is optimized for mobile users on-the-go. The youthful appeal of your brand’s goods and services sometimes causes people to underestimate your business savvy but you have the acumen to create an empire. Your brand motto is “I have an App for that!” and your key personality traits are: fun, vivacious, friendly, cool, casual, hip, and unexpected.

The Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor Brand Personality

Your brand is trustworthy, sincere and where people turn when they need help. As a trusted advisor you give your clients essential guidance and remove the stresses of everything from daily decisions to large or life-altering choices. Your brand colors are calming and may include peaceful blues, greens, grays, and purples paired with modern design elements that feel clean and thoughtful. Your brand motto “Where you go, when you need to know” and your key personality traits are sincerity, kindness, thoughtfulness, and an orientation toward family values.

The Rugged Connoisseur

Rugged Connoisseur Brand Personality

Your brand is authentic, unpretentious, durable, and all about being real and really good. Whatever you do, you do it the best, so good in fact that you can be yourself and don’t need to put on heirs. You like natural finishes and neutral or earthen colors with strong accents and highly graphic elements that are classic and timeless. You are all about process and your brand motto is “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” Key personality traits include: rough, tough, authentic, and made to last.

The Classic Entrepreneur

Classic Entrepreneur Brand Personality

Your brand is a well-oiled machine that sets the gold standard in your industry. You may come across as a buttoned-up but you’re anything but stodgy. Under the calm waters of your brand image, you are hard at work innovating and strategizing your next power move. Your brand colors are classic and complementary palettes that are not ostentatious. Your brand motto is “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” You may seem a bit old-school at times but that’s because your methods are tried and true. Key brand personality traits: experienced, successful, accomplished, and influential.

The On-trend Sophisticate

On-trend Sophisticate Brand Personality

Your brand is elegant, sophisticated on timelessly on-trend. You aren’t pretentious but you do believe that people deserve to enjoy the luxuries that you have to offer them. Your brand colors and company aesthetic is highly curated and serves a clear artistic mission. You know that true elegance is to be found by adhering to your creative ideals. You revel in subdued simplicity, the avant-garde, or one of many timeless aesthetic movements. Your product or service is top of the line in quality and appeals to influential trendsetters. Your brand motto is “Elegance is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” and your key traits are: influential, likable, elegant, high-end, sophisticated, and elite.

The Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero Brand Personality

Your brand is part local legend, part family institution. Most people can’t remember a time before your business occupied its iconic place in the community. If you are a relatively new business, then congratulations you are seeing into your future as a homegrown hero. Your brand colors are straightforward and your logo is easy to read and identify. To be honest, you don’t worry too much about things like brand colors because you are too busy checking in on your clients and organizing things like community events. Your motto is “Think big, but shop small.” Your key personality traits are: authentic, dependable, friendly, helpful, and familiar.

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