Connect with the 4.7 Billion Active People on Social Media Using a Direct Targeting Strategy

Whatever your audience, chances are that they are active on social media in some form. Reaching them, however, requires a knowledge of the trends around usage, how to create irresistible ad content, and how to use the ad portal technology. It’s a lot for businesses to manage and keep up with.

How Do We Help You?

The social media advertising landscape is constantly changing. That’s why you want to work with a certified social media advertising team to make sure you attract the right leads in the right places.

The Loop Marketing is Meta Ads Certified (Facebook and Instagram) and is a LinkedIn Certified Marketing Expert. These are rare certifications that are completed by a small fraction of advertisers on the platform. When you work with a certified agency, you are working with those in elite company.

But what really matters is our experience. The Loop Marketing has been running Facebook ads for clients before Instagram was invented, and Instagram ads before TikTok came along.

We’re well-versed in meeting the goals of businesses in several industries and know how to effectively manage campaigns for maximum results.

What we do that other companies don’t do is create an overall strategy that maximizes every dollar spent on paid social media advertising. Other companies focus on driving traffic – we also focus on converting it into sales.

What KPIs will we achieve?

  • Optimized cost-per-result (CPC), video views, engagement, cost-per-action (CPA), and Result Rate
  • Increased brand lift and engagement through retargeting
  • Drive targeted leads – tracked directly to every dollar or media buy spent

How can The Loop Marketing help you?

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Social Media Fast Facts

  • On average, 2 million people sign up for social networks every day
  • The number of social media users is projected to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025
  • On average, users spend 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media every day
  • The most popular networks, ranked by the number of users, are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.
  • 69% of marketers rely on social media to increase brand awareness, followed by increasing web traffic, growing an audience, and promoting content.

Social Media Advertising with The Loop Marketing

Ad Program Setup

Campaigns and Ad Groups set up effectively on the most important platforms

Audience Strategies

Finding the optimal audience that will engage with your ads at the right time and convert

Quality Matters

Landing page quality matters – and we can help by creating custom high converting landing pages

A Full Strategy

Driving traffic from paid social media ads is just the start. An effective overall strategy can double the program’s effectiveness.