The Web Design Company Chicago Loves

When you are choosing a company to design your website, you want a partner who will take the time to learn your business and your goals. You want one with the knowledge and experience to give suggestions to help professionally define your online image. 

The Loop Marketing’s team has expertise in all of the four main components of a great web design and development project:
  • High-End Graphic Design
  • Engaging User Experience
  • Strong Technology and Coding
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our proven web design process gives organizations the ability to have the full web design agency experience at an affordable investment with proven technology that we build to last for years to come. 

“Wow! Great job on our website. You did a masterful job of constructing all the details we have in this business and presenting it with beautiful form and well written narrative. I had always thought our previous website had moved us well ahead of competitor sites. This is leagues in front now.”

– Peter S.

Website Planning and Strategy

Your Website Design Digital Marketing Plan

The professional team at The Loop Marketing will advise you according to the best practices required to get your website ranking and attracting the right customers for your industry:

  • Clean, modern design
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Simple design powered by advanced technology
  • Mobile responsive web pages that adapt across devices 
  • Online goals that translate into conversions

At The Loop Marketing, we see websites as the center of a wider marketing solutions ecosystem. We picture the website as your company’s best salesperson, on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When we begin with planning and strategy, we have the flexibility to offer multiple marketing solutions for designing and developing your project. Budgets are also respected, and our experience can help you maximize every design dollar.

“Save time and money and hire The Loop Marketing Inc for your next digital or online project.”

– James O.

The Loop Marketing’s Web Design Process

We begin the design process with a Kickoff Meeting & Creative Discovery where we listen in order to prioritize your needs.

Some questions to ask yourself and your team:

  • What is the main purpose of the website? To sell products? To act as an online business card?
  • What action do we want the website users to take? Fill out a form? Make a purchase? Register for an event?
  • How am I going to market the website?
  • Do we have the time to make simple edits to our website? What if it were as easy as editing a Word document?

After we get to know your business, your website will be designed in the following stages:

Web Design Technology

The Loop Marketing creates custom websites for clients using WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems, used by more than 75 million websites representing over a quarter of all top websites worldwide

We never use out-of-the-box WordPress themes that often have issues with speed, security, and future support. The benefits of choosing a custom WordPress website design from The Loop Marketing include:

  • Modern, custom designs based on your Brand Profile
  • Built for fast loading and quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Designed to be mobile responsive so the site performs optimally on any device
  • Secure websites created with you in mind
  • Easy edits through a back end login, which cuts down on the need to pay developers to make small changes (training is provided and included) 

“Great experience! The Loop Marketing did everything I asked and had great suggestions for making my website more functional.”

– Robert M.


Selling your product or service online can be an extremely competitive experience. The traditional marketing principles still apply, but the competition remains tough as consumers can compare products at the click of a button.

The traditional “4 P’s of Marketing” still apply online:

  • Product: Are your product features what consumers are looking for?
  • Placement: Are you featuring your best selling or highest margin products in the right places on your website?
  • Promotion: Does your eCommerce system easily allow you to create the right promotions and track their performance?
  • Price: Are you offering your product at the right price? Are you a luxury or premium product?

Applying these principles on the web by creating the right interface requires knowledge and experience. In such a competitive environment, most sites don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Customer Service and the User Experience

The vast majority of visitors to your website will be people that you have never met before. 

They have questions about your business. They may simply want to know your opening hours, but many times they are interested in much more. 

New potential customers are going to get their first look at your products and services, but they are also getting their first look at your customer service. Unfortunately, if your site visitors are having a poor user experience, you may never hear about it, and you simply won’t hear from them again. 

How does your site respond to customer expectations and needs? Are customers guided to the information they need? Are they likely to act?

Here is your golden opportunity to sell to someone that you haven’t even met yet. Just as you would train a salesperson on how to give prospective customers your best selling points, your website needs to deliver your message effectively.

The Loop Marketing analyzes the key elements of your site – navigation, site structure, and the call-to-action – to provide actionable suggestions and make improvements based on best practices and proven techniques. 

Copywriting Services

The Loop Marketing also offers our clients professional copywriting services for your website at competitive prices. We can proofread your current website, create simple page content, or curate an ongoing schedule of blog posts.

Whether you’re starting your website from scratch or rebranding your online presence, our copywriting services can help make your site a destination for informational content.

“These folks really care about learning my business and delivering excellent results. They truly partner with us and don’t just provide “maintenance level” service for pay. I am really glad that we chose Loop Marketing to held us design our website and build our online sales. I would connect a friend and fellow business owner with them without hesitation.”

– David S.

Domain Management

The Loop Marketing can assist in selecting an ideal domain name and setting up related email addresses connected to your website. 

Our Guarantee

Creating a website, especially if you are creating one for the first time, requires planning and strategy in order to make sure that it accomplishes your goals. We’ll help you clearly lay out your goals and priorities as we begin the design process together.

We are only happy with the websites that we design for our clients when they are, which is why we offer our 30-day web design guarantee.

Questions? Get in touch with our team today!