Put Your Website to Work by Automating Your Lead Generation

Recent studies show that potential customers go through an average of 5 to 7 brand touchpoints en route to a purchase. Other studies show that 67% percent of a B2B purchase decision is made by a customer before they even are in contact with a potential vendor.

With this amount of importance riding on your digital footprint, it makes more sense than ever to try to own the process. If a potential customer is only exposed to your website, are you sure that they found the information that they need at the right time to make a buying decision?

Marketing automation with email marketing sequences builds relationships in the customer’s inbox and ensures your potential customers have compelling sales information during the decision making cycle.

How Do We Help You?

Each journey that a buyer takes is different, depending on the product, the company process, and the purchasing cycle. We work with our clients to identify the ideal marketing trigger and sequence to deliver relevant relationship-building and sales information at the right times throughout that journey.

That may mean creating an irresistible downloadable guide or an interactive website technology that collects an email address. It may mean reaching out to an already owned audience for a new sales announcement with several follow ups.

The central idea for marketing automation is to make your company competition-proof by owning the flow of information to the potential buyer using data-driven insights.

What KPIs will we achieve?

  • Drive targeted leads via email marketing sequences
  • Increasing the time frame of interaction
  • Increasing the number of brand touchpoints
  • Enhance the effectiveness of all other advertising methods by

How can The Loop Marketing help you?

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Everything We Do with Marketing Automation and Email Autoresponders

We consult with our clients to find out how their product or service is different and how best to communicate those unique differences. We write compelling email marketing copy and then plan out marketing sequences that first build a relationship in the inbox, and then deliver sales messages that convert.

There are many “out-of-the box” technologies for email marketing, and we have experience using most of them and have high-level certifications in the very best.