Custom Digital Marketing Strategies Unique to Your Audience

Without a digital marketing strategy, content marketing fails to reach your target audience, social media posts attain no engagement, and emails get sent straight to the trash bin.

We believe that behind every successful digital marketing campaign is an effective strategy designed to reach your target audience, drive engagement to your web pages, and distribute content unique to your industry.

How Do We Help You?

Digital marketing strategies grow your brand to a targeted audience with clear key performance indicators.

Your strategy must utilize industry best practices while executing on all digital fronts: email, social, SEO, and content marketing.

The Loop Marketing’s strategic marketing and consulting plan evolves as your business needs evolve and adjusts as your target audience grows.

Our Digital Marketing Team is ready to create an in-depth digital marketing strategy from brand building to content creation and distribution.

What KPIs will we achieve?

  • Build email subscriber list & increase conversions
  • Drive organic traffic
  • Build authority in the community

How can The Loop Marketing help you?

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Chicago Law Firm Builds a Case for Content Marketing

In a very competitive legal services market where firms are willing to pay over $100 for one Google Ads click, Friend, Levinson, Turner Law needed an affordable way to stand out and be present for potential clients searching for Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago.


Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Brand Audit

Identify key strengths and weaknesses and offer data-based branding solutions

Content Plan

Create blog posts, social media campaigns, and email sequences specific to your audience

Distribution Strategy

Reach your target audience with unique distribution strategies 


Utilize key analytics to identify effective strategies for building your audience

Everything We Do with Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting

The Loop Marketing understands that digital marketing is an ongoing journey. Our 4-Step Loop Process ensures your strategy remains relevant, on-task, and attracts the right audience.


Step one of The Loop Marketing’s Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting Process includes an in-depth audit of your business’s digital marketing presence. That includes social media statistics, website analytics, and incoming lead generation systems.

We audit to identify gaps amongst your competitors and track how your current strategy performs with your target audience.

And if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, that’s okay too. We check to see where your audience is, build buyer personas, and identify other successful marketing strategies within your field.


After a detailed analysis of your current digital marketing strategy, The Loop Marketing team alongside you to develop key performance indicators, content plan, and distribution strategy for your business.

Working together, our content team will deliver a marketing strategy designed to reach your audience wherever they might be.

This includes producing strategies based on content creation, brand outreach, and search engine optimization.

Every digital marketing strategy is unique to your business and its needs.


The Loop Marketing will begin taking action on your strategy based on your goals and audience. This includes laying out your updated digital strategy month by month.

Each strategy is written with consumers in mind, following best digital marketing practices.


After activation, our work is never done as we monitor, analyze, and work towards building a better strategy for your audience.

We use advanced metrics to identify the keywords you’re ranking for, audience engagement, and traffic acquisition. This data allows us to improve, revise, and create content that consistently works for you.

What Our Clients are Saying

“The Loop Marketing is a responsive agency that has delivered consistent increases in my site traffic and client calls. My site now reflects my firm’s personality and we recently saw new site user traffic increase by 61%. The agency is also adaptable and strategic in how they administer my advertising budget and has helped me to develop new systems to track and respond to leads.”

William Turner | Friend, Levinson & Turner LTD