Nurture Leads and Build Relationships All in Their Inbox

People open their inboxes 20 times per day. At The Loop Marketing, we want to ensure your email stands out from the crowd.

As SEO and social media algorithms change, email marketing remains the number one way to speak with your customers online directly.

We believe building a robust and engaged email marketing list needs to be the number one priority for any business to drive conversions and interactions.

How Do We Help You?

By 2023, email marketing revenue will increase to over $11 billion.

The strength of your brand is directly related to the power of your email marketing list.

Utilizing customer segmentation and consistent email campaigns, your email marketing list is the most effective way to create and nurture leads throughout your marketing funnel.

The Loop Marketing works together with your business to create impactful email marketing campaigns and engaged email lists.

What KPIs will we achieve?

  • Drive audience interaction and follow-through with your message
  • Engage with your audience directly using customer segmentation
  • Nurture leads from the top to the bottom of the funnel

How can The Loop Marketing help you?

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Email Marketing Fast Facts

  • On average, every dollar spent on email marketing returns $42.
  • Personalized subject lines receive a 50% higher open rate.
  • You are up to six times more likely to get a click from an email than from a tweet.
  • Segmented email campaigns have a 14% higher open rate and 75% higher click rate compared to non-segmented email campaigns.
  • Both consumers and marketers say email is their preferred method of communicating, and 75% of marketers say email provides the best ROI.

Types of Email Content We Create

Email Campaigns

Design email campaigns to advertise products, communicate news with fans, or build consumer trust.

Drip Campaigns

Nurture leads throughout the funnel with automated, targeted email campaigns.

Email Lists

Grow your customer base by constructing engaged email lists.

Email Segmentation

Personalize email campaigns to attract and convert leads.

Email Automation

Schedule and plan out entire email campaigns.

Everything We Do with Email Marketing

The Loop Marketing understands that building relationships with your brand starts at the inbox. Our four-step marketing process ensures that your email campaigns garner brand recognition, increase leads, and boost sales while increasing customer trust.


The Loop Marketing’s email marketing process begins with a comprehensive audit of your current email marketing strategy. That includes looking at your email list, audience segmentation, and written copy to identify areas of strength.

We also utilize a data-driven approach to analyze your competitor’s current email marketing campaigns and track what emails your audience has already signed up for.

And if you don’t have an updated email list or campaign, that’s okay too. We develop email campaigns from the ground up. From your first subscriber to your next lead, The Loop Marketing has got you covered.


After sending over a detailed email marketing analysis, the Loop Marketing team begins developing a data-driven strategy that aligns with your business goals.

This includes presenting list-building strategies, creating email drip campaign deliverables, and segmenting your list to get the correct information in front of the right audience.

Each email marketing campaign strategy is uniquely tailored to your business.


The Loop Marketing will begin developing content for your customers based on your goals and audience. This includes producing, scheduling, and automating your entire email marketing campaign.

Each piece of email marketing content, from weekly newsletters to downloadables, is created with your customers in mind.

Once completed, we send the content for your approval and handle all the publishing processes.


The work isn’t done once the emails end up in your audience’s inbox. We utilize analytics to decipher which email formats, templates, and styles resonate most effectively.

We track metrics such as open rates, click-throughs, and list growth to identify strengths and weaknesses in the campaign to continue optimizing for maximum engagement.

After putting together all that information, we analyze the current campaigns and adjust where we see the most significant potential for continued growth.