On average, people open their inboxes 20 times per day. At The Loop Marketing, we make sure your email is the one they read.

Email is a cornerstone of digital marketing. By integrating targeted, appropriate, and helpful emails into your tailored marketing plan, our experts will secure leads and help you achieve your business goals.

We work to create thoughtful, impactful email marketing campaigns with high-quality strategy and design as well as list deployment, tracking, testing, and more. In doing so, our experts:

  • Increase your subscriber base to ensure your message reaches both current and future customers.
  • Create campaigns that drive your open rate by using effective timing, subject lines, and more.
  • Drive your audience’s interaction and follow-through with your message.
  • Garner brand recognition, increase leads, boost sales, and build stronger relationships with your customers.

In addition, we only use email service providers which have a history of holding strict email standards to ensure the highest quality. Moreover, we make all emails compliant with the 2003 CAN SPAM Act, so that you never have to worry about being blacklisted by email service providers.

Five fast facts about e-mail marketing

  • On average, every dollar spent on email marketing returns $42.
  • Personalized subject lines receive a 50% higher open rate.
  • You are up to six times more likely to get a click from an email than from a tweet.
  • Segmented email campaigns have a 14% higher open rate and 75% higher click rate compared to non-segmented email campaigns.
  • Both consumers and marketers say email is their preferred method of communicating, and 75% of marketers say email provides the best ROI.

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