Attractive Branding to Capture Attention

From logo design to your color palette, every successful business needs to have a clear, effective visual branding strategy to attract and retain customers.

To develop a successful brand identity, The Loop Marketing starts from the ground up by working with you to design updated logos, color schemes, and guidelines while making sure your brand messaging stays on track.

How Do We Help You?

Building a brand identity allows you to reach your audience where they are and where you want them to be.

Everything from your typography to website layout affects how customers perceive your brand, and you only have about 20 seconds to leave an impression. You must get your brand right the first time.

The Loop Marketing’s Brand Development and Design process uses a hands-on approach to help build your brand exactly how you and your customers want to see it.

This includes creating a complete set of brand identity guidelines, custom logo design, and other visual elements designed to attract and retain leads.

What KPIs will we achieve?

  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Color Palette & Typography
  • Complete logo kit

How can The Loop Marketing help you?

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Modernizing a Community Landmark to Make an Impact

Good Shepherd Center needed a modern brand redesign, a user-friendly website, and effective communication with their community. The Loop Marketing modernized their branding, re-developed their website, and delivered an impactful social media marketing strategy.


Types of Branding Elements We Create

Brand Guidelines

Keep your brand consistent with cohesive visual standards

Color Palette

Engage and attract leads using a recognizable set of colors


Tell the story of your brand with a custom, thoughtfully-designed logo


Curated font palette to communicate the message and tone of your brand

Everything We Do with Brand Design and Development

The Loop Marketing understands that content marketing is an ongoing journey. Our 4-Step Loop Process ensures your content remains relevant, on-task, and attracts the right audience.


Step one of The Loop Marketing’s Branding Design and Development strategy begins with an in-depth audit of your business’s current branding. That includes looking at logos, color schemes, typography, and other visual elements associated with your brand.

We audit to identify if your current branding makes sense with your target audience and track how similar brands across the world represent themselves.

And if you’re just starting, we work with you to identify your brand identity and develop everything you need.


After a detailed analysis of your current audience, The Loop Marketing team works alongside you to build buyer profiles, key performance indicators, and the voice to best deliver an engaging brand. Knowing these factors helps us decide the best path forward for your brand.

Working together, our team will provide a brand designed to reach your audience wherever they might be.

This includes logo redesigns, color palette updates, and typography suggestions. We will also put this together in an ebook for easy reference for current and future employees.

Every brand design and development project is unique to your business and its needs.


Once approved, The Loop Marketing will immediately begin designing, creating, and laying out your brand’s guidelines. This includes mock-ups of updated logos, website updates, and visual social media templates.

All visual branding elements are created with your target audience in mind.


After creation, The Loop Marketing’s work isn’t done. Our team will continue to track customer reaction and lead generation based on your new branding.

Using advanced metrics and updated data means we stay on top of trends and the latest changes that will make your branding feel fresh.

What Our Clients are Saying

“The Loop Marketing’s team guided us through the [rebranding and website redesign] project with great professionalism. Observing their process was amazing and gratifying.

Since our work with them our business has never been more successful. All their information was spot-on and aided our smaller non-profit grow into a larger space. We cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us and count ourselves blessed to have such great new friends of the agency.”

Brendan McCormick | Executive Director, Good Shepherd Center

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