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If you’ve read any of our blogs at TLM, you’d know that we love to harp on the importance of building your email list. And in 2024, we probably will bang that drum again because it remains the best way to stay in contact with current and potential leads.

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On the list of the worst ways to spend your time, waiting on hold on the phone with that annoyingly loud, upbeat, jazzy tune playing in the background makes the top ten. Thankfully, more and more businesses have entered the digital age and are offering the comfort of sending an email from home with the immediacy of speaking with someone on the telephone.

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Like every other user of Google Analytics in the world, we are getting used to the new reality of Google Analytics 4 taking over from our beloved Universal Analytics. And some things still need to be done.

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Does your current website meet accessibility standards? As your website’s owner, you are responsible for ensuring your website is compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers, voice recognition software, and/or selection switches.

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Has your business focused all its digital marketing resources on one platform or strategy? Savvy financial portfolio managers know it is important to spread risk by diversifying their investment portfolios. It’s time to do the same for your digital marketing strategy.

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Pictograms made their debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. They were created as a way to “communicate to a global audience without using written language.” Since Tokyo 1964, pictograms have been a staple of the Olympics with each host city creating their own version of the pictograms to further the visual identity of their Olympic Games.

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In 2022, the digital marketing landscape changed forever with the introduction of widely-used artificial intelligence content creation tools, the continued growth of short-form video on social media, and Google algorithm changes that affected every small business’s SEO practices.