From social media to content marketing, identifying your business needs from a marketing standpoint takes time and effort. Especially if you need more background knowledge of the ever-changing marketing industry. So you, like tens of thousands of other people monthly, search Google for a digital marketing company.

But when you visit any of these websites, you’re inundated with information and terms that seem the same across every marketing website.

We understand how difficult it is to choose a digital marketing agency, but there are three key reasons why you should work with a full-service digital marketing agency. Whether you choose to work with us (we’d love to have you) or someone else, what matters most is your work with the digital marketing agency that best fits your business needs.

Finding a Digital Marketing Agency that Understands Your Business

While many digital agencies feature clever websites, catchy taglines, and plenty of promises, it’s essential to work with an agency that fits/understands your industry.

Simply put: not all digital marketing agencies are built the same.

The right fit needs to be with a company that genuinely cares about the success of your business. No matter the size of your organization, you deserve to feel like you matter to any incoming digital marketing agency.

Full-service digital marketing agencies offer a complete suite of services, from web design and brand building to email marketing and social media. Instead of specializing in just one area, full-service agencies are like an in-house marketing team with a breadth of experience.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Given all the marketing options available, it’s easy to get lost and make the wrong choice. Unfortunately, due to the time and money you invested in a digital marketing agency, making the wrong decisions could cost you both.

There are three key reasons why you should choose a full-service digital marketing agency over other options, the most significant being that building a relationship with a full-service digital marketing agency allows you to focus on growing your business while your marketing team adapts to your growing audience.

1. Full-Service Digital Marketing Agencies Provide a Suite of Options

As your business and audience grow, your marketing team also needs the capabilities to do so. The biggest benefit to a full-service digital marketing agency is not just the suite of options available to you but also the scalability that comes along with that.

Whereas some agencies might only offer pay-per-click advertising or web design, full-service digital marketing agencies provide everything you could want. That doesn’t mean that you need to take advantage of everything right away.

For example, let’s say your organization needs a website right now. Many companies can do a great job with web development, but once the website is up and running, you will need someone to help you with local search engine optimization, web hosting, and email marketing. If those things are considered while the website is being built, from a team with experience in integrations, the success curve is shorter and typically the costs are lower too.

This is why a full-service digital marketing agency is the right fit, as you don’t need to onboard a new agency every time you want a different service. As a bonus, the agency already knows what your audience wants.

There are enough challenges in running a business; worrying about whether or not your marketing agency can keep up shouldn’t be one of them. A full-service digital marketing agency grows alongside you and listens to what you (and your customers) want/need.

At The Loop Marketing, we specialize in all forms of digital marketing, from brand development to content creation. We pride ourselves on the fact that no matter where your business is on its marketing journey, we have the specializations to meet your needs.

2. Everything is Better Together

To maximize the potential of a digital marketing agency, it’s important to understand that a full-service marketing agency is a cohesive machine with every moving marketing part working together in unison to provide your organization with the best possible chance to succeed.

For example, let’s say you want to publish regular blog content on your website. Should you hire a freelance marketing copywriter?

Possibly, but how do you expect people to find it? The posts may or may not end up on Google, and might not get visitors for 6-12 months. You will want an overall distribution strategy that a marketing copywriter cannot do alone.

A full-service digital marketing agency is more than the sum of its parts. Each piece of content: video, email, social, blogs, podcasts, etc., is connected in a way that can maximize results. They are connected and thought through in a strategy from the beginning.

Full-service digital marketing agencies are like marketing ecosystems where everything works together in unison to attract new leads to your business, retain high-quality customers, and build brand loyalty.

3. Full-Service Digital Marketing Agencies can Adapt to Your Audience

Lastly, a full-service digital marketing agency allows your business the flexibility to market precisely where your audience is. Based on audience demographics and research, full-service agencies show gaps in your opponent’s strategies and actively engage those audiences.

Clients often speak with our marketing team thinking one way about their audience, but after careful consideration and data-driven analysis, they realize that their biggest opportunities might be somewhere else. 

Whether on specific social media platforms or primarily through email marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency is flexible enough to pivot your strategy to work to your advantage.

As your business and audience grow, so will your digital marketing needs. Many of our clients start with web design but quickly expand their business portfolio and need blog content, SEO optimization, and email marketing. 

With experts in these fields, The Loop Marketing’s full-service digital marketing agency has the tools available to help accelerate your business’s growth.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Hire a Full-Time Marketing Specialist?

If you are planning to grow your business through marketing, doesn’t it make sense to hire someone to do your marketing? You might not be surprised that the benefit of hiring a full-service agency comes down to experience and cost.

Hiring is expensive. Making the wrong hire is even more expensive. And when hiring a full-service agency you can get decades of combined experience for usually much less than the cost of a full time hire. Just make sure you hire an agency that has the same kind of dedication and accountability that you would expect from a direct hire.

Elevate Your Marketing with The Loop Marketing

If you’re looking for a full-service digital marketing agency that delivers high-quality customer service and everything your business needs to attract leads, reach out to a member of The Loop Marketing staff.

We have more than ten years of marketing experience and award-winning case studies to prove it. Click here to learn more about our elevated marketing program and how we help grow businesses daily.

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