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Please add your instructions here. Please be as detailed as possible and add links to pages and examples when appropriate. If you are uploading files, please describe them here. If you are sending secure passwords, please let us know here and use the link below to generate secure links.
For passwords to websites, domain registrars, hosting accounts, CPanels, or third party websites, please use a secure process to share passwords. We recommend OneTimeSecret (, you can paste the created link below.
Please add any files here, including images, documents, pdfs, or screenshots. When adding images, it is helpful to make sure file titles are clear and to add descriptions of how they should be used to the “Instructions” section. Note: if you hit the file size limit, please email additional files to For very large file libraries, please use a Dropbox or Google Drive link. We can assist if needed.
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    Let us know if you would like us to make updates to the live site or to a staging site. Note: We are not responsible to any problems that arise related to making changes to the live site, but this option is best for critical errors that need fixing or projects that have tight deadlines. We recommend most updates are performed first on staging and pushed live only with your approval.
    We prioritize projects by submission date/time as well as other factors. Once we receive your request, we will give you a time estimate once we review your project needs and review our project pipeline. Please fill out the “Date Needed By” below only if you have a firm deadline that this project needs to be completed by. We will do our best to accommodate.
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    By checking this box, I am affirming that the project absolutely must be done by the “Date Requested By” date above, even if it results in rush fees of $150/hour. We will follow up to confirm if it is possible.

    Invoicing and Approvals

    Payment Type
    TLM charges a common rate of $100 per hour for development work, but other rates may apply based on additional services.
    Once started, projects are invoiced every 2 weeks for work completed within that window of time. Payment is due within 30 days. Below are other options for budget approval, project notifications and milestone approvals.
    Detailed Estimate Needed?
    Do you need a detailed written estimate before proceeding with this project? Often significant time is required to put together a precise estimate, so if we do not move forward with the work we will invoice $100. A “ballpark” estimate can be reqested at any time.
    Budget Notification(Required)
    Please indicate at what budget thresholds you would like to be notified for.
    Budget Approval(Required)
    Please indicate at what budget thresholds you would like us to ask for written permission to proceed. Note this can significantly slow down projects.

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