When you are choosing a company to design your website, you want a partner who will take the time to learn your business and your goals with the knowledge and experience to give suggestions and to help professionally define your online image.

Planning and Strategizing

The professionals at The Loop Marketing are trained in the following best practices:

  • Creating an excellent user experience
  • Keeping the design simple, but the technology advanced
  • Translating your online goals into conversions

We begin with planning and strategy, but we have the flexibility to offer multiple solutions. Budgets are also respected, and our experience can help you maximize every design dollar.

Some questions to ask yourself and your team:

  • What is the main purpose of the website? To sell products? To act as an online business card?
  • What action do we want the website users to take? Fill out a form? Make a purchase? Register for an event?
  • How am I going to market the website?
  • Do we have the time to make simple edits to our website? What if it were as easy as editing a Word document?
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Selling your product or service online can be an extremely competitive experience. The traditional marketing principles still apply, but the competition remains tough as consumers can compare products at the click of a button.

Traditional “4 P’s of Marketing” still apply online:

  • Product – Are your product features what consumers are looking for?
  • Placement – Are you featuring your best selling or highest margin products in the right places on your website?
  • Promotion – Does your eCommerce system easily allow you to create the right promotions and track their performance?
  • Price – Are you offering your product at the right price? Are you a luxury or premium product?

Applying these principles on the web by creating the right interface requires knowledge and experience. In such a competitive environment, most sites don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

TLM Website Downtown

Customer Service and the User Experience

The vast majority of visitors to your website will be people that you have never met before. These potential customers are going to get their first look at your products and services, but they are also getting their first look at your customer service. How your site responds to their expectations is going to reflect directly upon your business.

The visitors to your website are there because they have questions about your business. They may simply want to know what hours you are open, but many times they are interested in much more, and you have a golden opportunity to sell to someone that you haven’t even met yet. Just as you would train a salesperson on how to give prospective customers your best selling points, your website needs to deliver your message effectively.

Unfortunately, if your site visitors are having a poor user experience, you may never hear about it, and you may never hear from them again. The Loop Marketing can analyze the key elements of your site – the navigation, site structure, and the call-to-action – and provide actionable suggestions or make improvements based on best practices and proven techniques.

Copywriting Services

The Loop Marketing also offers our clients professional copywriting services for your website at competitive prices. We can proofread your current website, create simple page content, or curate an ongoing schedule of blog posts that can make your site a destination for informational content.

Domain Management

Whether you’re starting your website from scratch or rebranding your online presence, we can help. The Loop Marketing Can assist in selecting an ideal domain name and setting up related emails connected to your website.

Our Guarantee

We are only happy with the websites that we design for our clients when they are, which is why we offer our 30-day web design guarantee.

Creating a website, especially if you are creating one for the first time, requires planning and strategy in order to make sure that it accomplishes your goals. We’ll help you clearly lay out these goals as we begin the design process together..

Maintenance, Hosting, and Security

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