Selling online can be an extremely competitive experience, with relatively low costs of entry for new competitors and ways for savvy consumers to check pricing and features with the click of a mouse.

Traditional marketing principles still apply:

  • Price – Are you the lowest priced option?  Are you a luxury or premium product?
  • Product – Are your product features what consumers are looking for?
  • Placement – Are you featuring your best selling or highest margin products in the right places on your site?
  • Promotion – Does your ECommerce system easily allow you to create the right promotions and track them?

Applying these principles on the web by creating the right interface requires knowledge and experience.  In such a competitive environment, most sites don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

The technology behind your ECommerce platform also needs to perform well.  If ordering is confusing or cumbersome to your potential customers, they will go elsewhere.

Did you know?

That integrating email marketing into your ECommerce platform can help you follow up on sales and potentially upsell or create future sales from each sale made on your site?  It is all part of The Loop.

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