Statistics show that about 1 in 5 visitors to any website have some form of recognized disability. Does your current website meet accessibility standards?

Website accessibility is the usability of your website so that everyone, regardless of ability or disability, can easily use them. As your website’s owner, you are responsible for ensuring your website is compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers, voice recognition software, and/or selection switches.

If your website is not accessible, not only could you lose essential leads, but you may face legal action. According to Hubspot, there were over 2,500 Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III website accessibility lawsuits filed in 2020. eCommerce stores account for around 74% of these lawsuits. 98% of U.S.-based webpages are not accessible to the disability community from a legal perspective.

Studies have shown that seven out of 10 web users with disabilities immediately leave non-accessible websites to find one that is accessible. By not enabling accessibility options such as high-contrast colors, alternative text for images, and keyboard navigation, your business may be alienating its customers.

Website accessibility needs to be a priority for your business this year. And not just for business reasons but because it’s the right thing to do. The Loop Marketing’s web development team utilizes various accessibility tools to make our websites usable for everyone on mobile and desktop platforms.

When the internet is for everyone, we all win.

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Garrett Carlson
Garrett Carlson is the Content Manager at The Loop Marketing. A former creative writing teacher and graduate of the Johns Hopkins Masters in Nonfiction Writing program, Garrett has spent his entire professional career working on putting together the best words, in the best order, to create the best sentences. In 2019, Garrett started his own content website dedicated to improving men’s mental health, advocating for positive male friendships and self-care. Through this experience, Garrett brings expertise in developing Search Engine Optimization, building engaged online communities through the written word and understanding multimedia content (podcasts, webinars, group building) to The Loop Marketing and their clients. Garrett spends most of his free time with his wife, two cats, (Jay Catsby and Daisy Bucaten), and Icelandic Sheepdog Orla while recreating scenes from the Fast and the Furious, and dreaming about all things Buffalo-food.