In 2019, we put together a list of the top 5 website design trends that were taking the world by storm. However, now that we’re nearly half-way through 2020, a series of futuristic-meets-nostalgia trends are making their way into first place.

The BIG and the BOLD are IN

Hidden navigation. Video backgrounds. Over-sized fonts. It’s 2020 and websites are shouting it from their digital roof-tops. Websites have become the first impression, and they are utilized more than ever to make impactful statements. Where we saw a trend in minimalism and simplification in recent years, the trends have evolved into show-stopping (or scroll-stopping), curiosity-inspiring display.

A prime example is Language Media. The bold font, the bright imagery, and the down-to-earth snippets create a scroll-stopping show.

Language Media

The internet is obsessed with videoand so are web designers and marketers

Moving visuals are eye-catching and awe-inspiring, so it should be no surprise that video is a leading trend both in web design and digital marketing. 

If a picture says a thousand words, a front-page branding video says ten thousand,” says Chris Salvi, Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Salvi Media. “The 2020 web design trend that Salvi Media is a big fan of is minimalism. Our value-add (creative and video production) plays well into this design.”

Chicago Video Production Company • Salvi Media

But video doesn’t stop at web design trends this yearit’s branching out swiftly into becoming the leading method of content consumption online. “More generally about content marketing,” Salvi says, “We have observed the importance of being able to provide a combination of short (3-30 seconds), medium (30-120 seconds), and long-form (120+ seconds) pieces of video content for brands in their digital marketing efforts.”

We expect to see more video-focused trends as we progress into the 2020s, especially considering the following.

“If a picture says a thousand words, a front-page branding video says ten thousand.”

Hidden navigation keeps web pages looking clean

We’ve all grown accustomed to finding “About Us” or “Blog” in the top menu on most sites, but with this move into a more “bold” and “visual” direction, keeping things on the minimalistic track helps to ensure a clean interface. 

Without a top menu, for example, a moving visual behind bold text can have the same appeal as an interactive video, drawing the site visitor in and satisfying the appropriate amount of information all by using web design.

Website Design and Online Marketing Chicago The Loop Marketing Inc

More opportunities to connect

Contact forms are so common that most of us could complete them with our eyes closed, but they often leave us with a few pending questions. Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media, says, “Contact forms are actually a bit unsatisfying for visitors. Are they going to call me back? Or email me? Who will contact me? When? And every unanswered question is bad for conversions.”

His solution? “One fix for this is a chatbot with a scheduling widget.”

Chatbots have been around for years, and they typically offer an array of great information for the site user. However, they are often not fully utilized to connect with site visitors (especially after-hours). “The visitor interacts with the bot, and after a few quick qualifying questions, they have the opportunity to schedule a call with a salesperson before they leave the website. Kinda awesome.”

“Contact forms are actually a bit unsatisfying for visitors.”

Customized images, illustration, and pops of color

One trend that we see continuing into 2020 from last year is keeping up the brand-specific personalization of custom imagery. This includes pops of color, illustrations, and original images that move away from the stock-imagery world and into a brand that appears more relatable.

Web Design Trends

Trends are always changing, and as the world begins this new decade, we expect to see more “futuristic” inspirations when it comes to web design and digital marketing