Behind every successful business, there’s an exceptional customer service team fueling its growth. A seamless customer care process boosts brand loyalty and creates new business opportunities from positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Live Chat is quickly becoming a must-have tool for businesses everywhere. It’s the quickest way to offer your customers value through real-time, customized interactions. Live Chat is now the leading, and most preferred, customer support channel with increased conversions chief among its many benefits.

5 Ways Chat Improves Customer-Service 

  1. Amplifies customer satisfaction: Research shows that live chat (73%) offers the highest customer satisfaction compared to email (61%) or phone (44%). People like having their concerns addressed quickly, especially if it’s a time-sensitive issue. This is why, for example, healthcare providers are using Live chat to schedule appointments and to provide individuals with a safe virtual-space they can use to discuss health issues or payment options. With Live Chat, you get to care for your customer base with quick and personalized responses without the delays and inconveniences of phone-based customer service lines.
  1. Close more sales: People who are actively browsing your website are already on a  part of the buying journey. At this stage, having the option of a Live Chat available can streamline the decision-making process. It gives users the ability to discuss any questions they might have regarding your product/service. Your agents can give your prospects that final boost of reassurance needed to make the purchase.
  1. Makes your customer service agents hyperproductive: Traditional contact channels such as phone and email are time-consuming because representatives can only tackle one call or email at a time. But with live chat, your agents can multitask and work on more than one support request simultaneously, especially if they are tackling easy questions. On top of that, the agents can easily use resources such as video or images to help customers. For example, Real estate-focused websites are using Live Chat to have conversations with interested buyers, along with sharing pictures and videos of available properties. 
  1. A way to provide affordable 24/7 support: Live chat costs much less than any other customer support medium and the agents can be quickly trained to handle several queries at once. Consider that traditional phone support requires hiring a large group of agents, expensive hardware and operating expenses that can add up quickly. 
  1. Easily increase average order value: Live chats give agents a way to address your customers’ pain-points in real-time. If one of your products isn’t right for the customer, your live agents can instantly direct them to other areas on your website that might contain options better suited for them. They can also point them to products that complement their initial purchase. This means, through upselling and cross-selling, you stand to make more from every sale.

Adding a Live Chat option to your Help Desk can instantly upgrade your customer service game. From attracting more leads, closing high-value orders to providing a frictionless real-time communication medium, Live Chat offers attractive benefits that no business can afford to ignore.

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