Online marketing has quickly become a top priority for many brands and industries. With its cost-effective advertising options, instant access to audience data and increasing ease of use, it has never been simpler to deliver your message to potential clients through your web presence, social media pages, and email lists.

However, if your business offers something more niche or less tangible, such as manufacturing services or industrial goods, it may seem difficult to find your fit online. Consider the below objectives and initiatives that manufacturing and industrial companies are using to increase their presence and find new business opportunities:

1) Need More Eyes on Your Company? Try Search Engine Optimization (SEO): One of the best ways to attract leads and customers is to use the words and phrases that they might be searching for in their web browsers. Here’s how it works: search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo “crawl” through billions of web pages and rank the available content based on how likely it will answer a user’s request. Users see the content that the search engine says is the most relevant first. By making your website easy for a search engine to crawl through, boosting each piece of content with keywords and compelling content, and making each page as user-friendly as possible, you can increase your website’s ranking and ensure that more users will visit your website. Local SEO can also be utilized, which increases the ranking of your website for the users in your region who are searching for your service.

2) Want to Showcase Your Expertise? Do It Through Blogs: Keeping a company blog has multiple benefits, including the opportunity to educate your customers, improve your site’s ranking through keywords, and showcase your organization’s expertise. Consider the blog you are reading right now – did you get here by searching in an internet browser for a related topic, did a colleague send you a link to this article, or were you already on The Loop’s website and interested in learning more about what we do? Regardless of how you and other users came across this page, it caught your interest enough for you to read more about our services – clever, right? Attract your own audience with blogs that answer frequently asked questions or highlight new technologies and trends in your industry.

3) Want to be Relatable and Easily Accessible? Boost Your Social Media: More than 3.48 billion people in the world are social media users, and more than 40% of those users use social media to research new brands, products and businesses. Your company can utilize a variety of social media marketing tactics to reach current and future customers, including running advertisements and giveaways, sharing company highlights, creating and moderating group pages dedicated to your industry, and providing customer service through comments and direct messages.  Additionally, social media remarketing tactics can be used to feed advertisements and content to potential customers who have previously interacted with your brand or your competitors.

4) Want Customers to Keep Coming Back? Use Email Marketing: If you have a contact list of current customers and potential leads, you can easily keep in touch with them through promotional emails. Whether you surprise your customers with a sales code or promotion,  deliver a company newsletter that highlights your achievements, or send reminder contacts to leads who are on the fence, email marketing is an effective way to remind your audience that you’re still around and at their service.

Online marketing opportunities don’t stop there; as technologies evolve and internet users discover new ways to connect digitally, The Loop Marketing continues to be at the forefront of online marketing news and trends. Contact us today to discuss which online marketing strategies are best for your organization’s needs.

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Elijah Litscher
Elijah Litscher is an author, educator, entrepreneur, and marketing innovator with over 18 years of experience in digital marketing. He has traveled extensively as a professional speaker while educating thousands of business owners across the country in online marketing best practices. Elijah is committed to empowering small and medium-sized businesses to reach their full potential online as founder and Chief Digital Strategist at The Loop Marketing Inc. in Chicago, Illinois.