Review Channel Marketing  

In an online consumer survey, a recent study found that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation and 90% of customers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions.  It also found that 39% of customers read reviews on a regular basis, a number that is continuing to grow.  

What is a Review Marketing Channel?

The best review management programs succeed because they build many positive reviews, limit negative reviews, and create a system for responding to both positive and negative reviews.  Building many reviews means more than just asking – it means making the process easy for both the business and the people that are being asked to review the business.  The most successful way to do this is to use a Review Funnel.

What is a Review Funnel and How Does it Work?

The Review Funnel is a process, often automated, that makes managing online reviews easy for businesses and their customers.

  1.  Get customers into the funnel
  2.  Guide them through the review process
  3.  Monitor and respond to reviews

Why use a Review Management Program?

A Review Management Program has several benefits, but the biggest could be that the program puts the business owner back in control of their online reputation.  Many organizations feel that they are the “victims” of the review process and hold their breath hoping that poor online reviews do not materialize.  Unfortunately, negative reviews happen, often through miscommunications or through no fault of the business.

Features of Our Review Marketing Channel Program:

  • Send Automated, branded Email “drip” reminders to customers
  • Promote good reviews – choose from over 100 major and industry specific review sites
  • Give customers a simple interface to choose the review platform that best suits them
  • Stop bad reviews – you can redirect bad reviews to a customer service form before they ever get published. This is a great way to find customer service opportunities by identifying customers with poor experiences before they post a bad review!
  • Easy to use Online Portal – Add customers to the automated email process, manage them, get notifications of new reviews, and respond directly with an easy to use password protected online portal
  • Other features available at additional cost include text / MMS reminder campaigns, automatic review streams for websites, and printed business card reminders

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