Local businesses and services have special needs when it comes to marketing.  Just like a brick and mortar store, local marketing is about “location, location, location”.   A second component of online local marketing is reputation management and managing reviews.

When customers search for local business and services online, there are many different search tools at their disposal.  Google Local, Yahoo! Local, and Yelp are just a few of the options that they have available.  It is critically important for small businesses to have a presence or profile on these locally focused services, and these profiles need to be up to date with all of the information that your customers may be looking for.

Example: You run a vet clinic that is open on Sundays but this information is not in your local listings. A competitor in your town is also open on Sundays and does have this information in their listings. Studies show that 74% of people will assume that you are closed on Sundays based off of this information!

Many of these profiles also provide a place for consumers to review your business within your business listings.  There are proven strategies to encourage customers to fill your listing with positive reviews, and many times your listing can appear in a more prominent place based on more favorable reviews.

Did you know?

Positive business reviews on Local directory pages can influence search engines to show your business higher in search results?  It is all part of The Loop!

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