If the internet is like Main Street, Display Advertising is like a billboard.  Where you place the billboards and how much you pay have a huge impact on your return on investment.  You need to target the right audience with the right advertising vehicles to be successful.

The graphics and message that you put out there also have a big effect on your conversions.  With so much “noise” crowding web pages, you need to have messaging that cuts through and demands attention.

The Loop Marketing has experience in working with advertising affiliates and online ad suppliers like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, which means that we can help you get a great start in identifying and targeting where your audience is spending their time, and then putting together the best “billboard” to get their attention.

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That many Display Advertisements can be targeted to people who may have visited your site and showed interest but did not immediately convert into a customer?  It is all part of The Loop.

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