Social media and video are powerful marketing tools that allow you to quickly reach your target audience, establish a personal relationship with them, and build up your customer base. But, are social media and video really a good way to market your brand? Let’s take a look at some of the positive effects they can have on your business, as well as some risks you need to keep in mind.   


The Positive Effects of Using Social Media/Video


  • Enhance Your Brand Building – One of the best things about utilizing social media and videos in your marketing campaigns is that you give your business a voice and can further develop your brand. Your customers (and potential customers) also find social media and videos appealing; so, it’s a great way to explain and promote your products and services.     


  • Boost Your Conversion and Sales – Social media and video have the potential to assist you in getting more sales and generating some serious money. They increase traffic to your website, help improve your rankings on Google, and overall are a high return on your investment. Try embedding some videos on your site and add links on your social media posts that direct your audience back to relevant information on your webpage.     


  • Encourage Customer Engagement – Social media and video content engages your customers as well as ignites their emotions. They can also foster trust and give your customers more confidence to purchase your products or services since they feel personally involved and connected. Social media and video also provide an outlet to obtain valuable customer feedback and allows your audience to share your posts and videos with their friends too – giving you the opportunity to gain more followers (potential customers) as a result.    

The Risks Associated with Social Media/Video


  • Your Employees Represent Your Brand – Everyone who works for your company represents your brand. Because you are unable to monitor their individual social media activities, you run the risk that they could say something inadvertently (or on purpose) that could harm the image of your organization. Ensure all of your employees understand that they represent your company and they shouldn’t discuss business matters without authorization.     


  • You Have Less Control – When using social media platforms, multiple users can have interactions with a single post, video, tweet, etc. While that can be a positive thing in most instances, if the comments are negative, it can harm your business. Your followers not only see the bad comments, but as they share, retweet, or comment on the negative information, it can spread to an even larger audience. Therefore, it’s a good idea to develop a social monitoring (social listening) process to check what is being said about your company online. Make sure to respond to customer complaints and try to fix their issues as quickly as possible. Responding quickly and strategically on social media to criticisms is a great way to turn negative customer experiences into positive outcomes.


  • Mistakes Are Hard to Fix – Anything you post or say on social media and video is immediately out there and accessible to the public. So, if you make a mistake, it can be tough to take it back or fix. Mistakes can be especially concerning if there is an error or leak of confidential information. Always double check and think twice about what you are going to post or talk about before you press that submit or share button.


Social media and video are some of the best and most affordable ways to grow your brand as long as you use these tools carefully and manage the risks that come along with them. For more information on now start or enhance your company’s online social media and video presence, call us today at 312-569-9449 or visit our homepage.    

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Elijah Litscher
Elijah Litscher is an author, educator, entrepreneur, and marketing innovator with over 18 years of experience in digital marketing. He has traveled extensively as a professional speaker while educating thousands of business owners across the country in online marketing best practices. Elijah is committed to empowering small and medium-sized businesses to reach their full potential online as founder and Chief Digital Strategist at The Loop Marketing Inc. in Chicago, Illinois.