Updated July 2021

Get Your Business to Show Up on Google Maps with Google My Business

Over the last few years, studies have shown an increase in Google searches that incorporate personal language. Googlers are now opting for conversational searches that include terms like “should I,” “me,” “my,” and “I.” When it comes to troubleshooting problems, people turn to search engines in droves for the answers to their questions.

In order to position your business as the local “solution” to a Googler’s problem, it is important to appear in search engines and on mapping applications. Research shows that 4 in 5 consumers use search engines when looking for information about local businesses and 30% of mobile phone searches are related to location. Fifty percent of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store within one day. This means that, if you are a local business, you need to be found on search engines and maps, or else you are going to lose business.

Even if you have a website for your business, Google is likely to show searchers your Google My Business information panel before your site even comes up. Your business profile acts as a first impression to any potential customers and must offer accurate information.

Google Maps is the most widely used mapping tool in the world. If your business is not currently on Google Maps or is an unclaimed listing with inaccurate information, follow these steps!

Google My Business Qualification

First, find out if your business qualifies as a Google My Business listing. 

You must have a brick and mortar location where you can make in-person contact with customers. You also must have a physical address that you can receive mail at. Examples of businesses that don’t qualify are online and telemarketing businesses, pop-up locations such as farmers markets, businesses with temporary locations, and businesses with locations that have yet to open. You must own or have the authority to represent the location of your business if you are going to claim your business.

Claim Your Business on Google

To claim your business, you must first create a business profile with Google. Start by going to: www.gybo.com/business. Click on “Get the essentials,” then scroll down the page to “Claim my free profile” and follow the instructions from Google. 

If your business comes up, click on it so that you can claim it. If not, finish typing the complete name of your business and click “Not showing up? Add your business info.” Once you have entered your information in, Google will evaluate your business and give you one of three outcomes:

  • “Great work. Your business listing is complete.” This means someone at your business already claimed the listing and the profile is complete on Google. You are good to go. If you want to make any updates to your Google My Business listing, click “Get Started”.
  • “Your business info might be incorrect on Google.” This means your listing is incomplete. There is information about your business on Google, but it is unverified and the listing is unclaimed. Click “Get Started” to verify and confirm your location (see “Verification Process” below).
  • “Your business doesn’t have a free Google listing.” This means there is no information about your business on Google. Click “Get Started” to create a new listing for your business. Once you have created your listing, move on to the verification process detailed below.

Verify Your Business

Verifying your business will help to protect it from incorrect or misleading information, as well as make it more appealing to users. The best way to verify your business is via postcard.

Start by signing into Google My Business. Go to the business that you want to verify and click “Verify Now.” A postcard request screen will appear. Make sure your business’ address is correct, then click “Send postcard.” Your postcard should arrive within 5 days, but may take up to 2 weeks. If your postcard is lost or missing, you can request a new one. Once your postcard arrives, log back into your Google My Business account and click “Manage location.” Enter the 5-digit verification code that is on the postcard. Click “Submit.”

Congrats! You are officially a verified business on Google Maps. You can now fill in the rest of your profile and get more customers in the door!

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