Framing 4 Yourself is an online e-commerce brand that delivers custom-cut picture frame moulding, construction tools, and accessories to framers of any skill level to help them build the picture frame of their dreams without purchasing from a big-box craft store.

As their digital marketing agency, The Loop Marketing recognized that Framing 4 Yourself’s current website, built on an outdated theme, needed a complete renovation to attract new leads while driving current customers through an updated sales funnel.

Framing 4 Yourself and The Loop Marketing developed a user-friendly website redesign focused on increasing sales, improving online customer experience, and optimizing SEO functionality.

Framing 4 Yourself Website Redesign

The Challenge

Framing 4 Yourself wants to change how people imagine picture framing. While facing stiff competition from a big-box craft store like Michaels, and online marketplaces like Amazon, the team at Framing 4 Yourself aims to make custom picture framing accessible to anyone, no matter their skill level.

To achieve their goals, Framing 4 Yourself needed a complete website redesign as it did not reflect their values nor offer customers a fluid shopping experience. 

The Loop Marketing wanted to rebuild the Framing 4 Yourself website with the consumer in mind: a smoother user experience from cart to checkout, educational content marketing pages to drive new leads through the sales funnel, and additional functionality to increase average order values.

The Solution

There are an estimated 12- 24 million eCommerce websites across the internet which means that to compete with other like-minded businesses, your website needs to deliver a high-quality shopping experience while providing top-level customer service.

Over the years, Framing 4 Yourself has improved customer service by delivering high-quality, one-of-a-kind custom framing solutions. However, their website needed to match that standard.

For their website redesign, we wanted to reflect those same values by focusing on three major areas:

  1. A smoother user experience from cart to checkout
  2. SEO-optimized informational content creation
  3. Implementation of e-commerce best practices

Beginning the website redesign, The Loop Marketing’s team focused on developing a product-focused eCommerce site. We knew that once customers purchased a product from Framing 4 Yourself, they would receive fantastic customer service, so our goal for the site was to match them with the products they wanted most.

To accomplish our goal, we made simplification the focal point of our redesign for a smoother user experience.

For example, the original website’s homepage featured a large black banner with white text advertising different products that slid across every 7 seconds. In our redesign, we replaced the single-color banner with an image of a woman hanging up a picture frame providing a receptive touch to the homepage while centering the user’s attention on one singular item.

Further simplifying the purchasing process, customers are offered two navigational options further down the page: product catalog or tutorials. Depending on the user’s choice, they move to a different sales funnel section.

Continuing throughout the website, rather than flooding potential customers with too many choices, we carefully navigate them through the buying process, starting with the type of frame options and narrowing the field.

We recognize that improving the eCommerce shopping experience isn’t about flooding users with information or offering more products but about providing clear structure throughout the purchasing process.

Once we simplified the user experience and developed a product-focused website, our content team’s next goal was to develop SEO-driven informational content as part of the sales funnel.

While investigating Framing 4 Yourself’s previous content collection, we noticed a lot of information but with no clear structure for what content was being published and when. 

The content team decided that when the website was re-launched, there would be eight new content hubs serving two purposes: one, to act as top-of-funnel content to drive leads, and two, to serve as the central hub to build new content around.

Each content hub delineated a specific custom framing option:

Each hub page provides educational information about its topic while curating related products using SEO best practices, including keyword research, traditional research, audience analysis, graphic design, and written copy.

As the tutorial’s content grows, each new page will drive traffic back to the center of the hub and lead sales through our funnel.

Lastly, our web development team implemented eCommerce best practices to improve average purchase size while continuing to enhance the shopping experience for their customers.

We chose to add simple functionality that recommends additional products when adding items to the cart allowing users to add more of the products they want without having to navigate through other pages.

By focusing on these three main areas during the website redesign process, The Loop Marketing team improved the customer shopping experience through choice simplification and developed a series of key SEO-optimized educational hubs that double as top-of-funnel content.

The Results

Clear inferences from SEO optimization and website redesign take anywhere from six months to a year, but within two months of publication, Framing 4 Yourself and The Loop Marketing are already seeing positive results from our work.

Framing 4 Yourself has seen a 21% increase in revenue since earlier this year, while the average cart value increased by over 20% since last year. Month over month, pageviews for the site have grown by 155%.

Each new content hub page shows various signs of growth, the fastest being the floater frames shopping guide. The hub currently ranks in the top 10 for four crucial keywords, including number one for floater frame moulding.