Edwards Engineering is a full-service mechanical systems and services contractor that provides HVAC services, sheet metal fabrication, and piping fabrication throughout the Chicagoland area.

The Loop Marketing identified that the best lead generators for industrial contractors are frequently updated project success highlights that inform future clients of completed works while showcasing the wide range of available services.

Working alongside Edwards Engineering, The Loop Marketing’s web development team delivered a user-friendly, project-centered website redesign aligned with the company’s brand guidelines.

Edwards Engineering Website Redesign

The Challenge

Edwards Engineering‘s online presence before the website redesign highlighted their excellent service without presenting examples of their work. Targeting an audience of managers for healthcare facilities, commercial offices, and multi-family residential buildings, Edwards Engineering’s website needed visual proof of efficiency to attract their ideal clients.

Websites for project-based B2B service providers frequently highlight completed work to generate local leads. The Loop Marketing’s website development team recognized early on in our audit that Edwards Engineering had an extensive collection of finished projects, but their website at the time failed to make them front and center for visitors.

Our web audit also identified the lack of a streamlined visual interface for users due to mismatched colors, branding, and fonts. As a solution, The Loop Marketing suggested a complete brand redesign to Edwards Engineering, including a reimagined logo and improved imagery throughout the website.

The Solution

Effective website design requires multiple elements working together but, most importantly, buy-in from all stakeholders. We began our website redesign work by conducting comprehensive interviews to understand the agency, their audience, and their goals.

For the branding and website redesign, we focused on two major areas:

  1. Streamline visual interface to improve user experience
  2. Increased focus on project-based services

Streamlining the website’s visual interface began with reimagining Edwards Engineering’s color scheme. Their previous logo and color scheme featured a chromatic silver that faded into white throughout numerous website areas.

Our graphic design team decided simplicity was vital by modifying the duo-tone Edwards Engineering logo into a monochrome white with blue and gray visual highlights on the menu and buttons.

Research into project-based service websites informed our team that people and work-centered images were important in attracting leads. During the redesign process, our team made a necessary visual adjustment by removing the website’s original image of a work van outside of a commercial building to a picture of a large piping system. 

We further added three new images featuring workers’ faces below the main slide highlighting the three services Edwards Engineering offers: HVAC, Sheet Metal, and Piping. 

These images serve two purposes: one, to streamline user navigation, and two, to provide a human touch to Edwards Engineering’s services.

Once our website development team reimagined the visual interface, we transitioned into developing a more significant focus on the company’s completed projects.

These website enhancements included a new navigational image block at the bottom of the homepage. Each image represents an industry and links back to an individual project page where users can view recently completed projects. The Loop Marketing’s web development team updated the project pages to include more information about Edwards Engineering’s completed services.

By focusing on specific projects, these new pages help build their company’s brand, increase local awareness, and add credibility to the company. 

Further niching down into the individual industries provides SEO functionality as well. When Google or other search engines scan the Edwards Engineering website, they’ll identify and attribute work in those industries to the company, thus increasing Edwards Engineering’s online presence.

The completed website redesign for Edwards Engineering streamlines the visual interface and increases the focus on project-based services, thus improving the user experience while driving new leads to targeted web pages.

“The Loop Marketing Inc did a great job in assisting with the development of our new website. Their support since the implementation has been outstanding. I highly recommend The Loop Marketing’s services to those looking to enhance their company’s exposure.”

– Mike Carpenter, LEED AP | Director of Sales, Edwards Engineering