Effective Strategy and Messaging to Reach your Target Audience

Clear positioning and messaging sets your business apart from the competition while reaching your target audience.

We believe creating an emotional connection between your brand and your audience is the key to long-term market success.

How Do We Help You?

Successful brand messaging retains and attracts new leads through communicating your company’s unique benefits.

Your brand story, values, and positioning must connect with your target audience.

The Loop Marketing’s brand messaging and positioning evolves as your customer base grows over time.

Our digital marketing team works with you to develop your brand’s story, value proposition, and messaging to establish relationships with your raving fans.

What KPIs will we achieve?

  • Attract new customers using provocative messaging
  • Set your company apart from the competition utilizing unique positioning
  • Build connections with your brand’s raving fans

How can The Loop Marketing help you?

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Chicago Health Insurance Company Stands Out With a Healthy Dose of Brand Development

The O’Neal Insurance Group needed to find a way to stand out in a very competitive health insurance market where trust is important and a positive website user experience could make all the difference.


Types of Branding We Create

Brand Story

Build emotional connections with your audience using your brand’s unique story


Combine your well-defined brand story and value proposition into a strategic marketing strategy

Value Proposition

Show what separates your brand from the competition


Create core messaging elements, including an elevator speech, talking points, and benefits statements

Everything We Do with
Brand Messaging and Positioning

The Loop Marketing understands that content marketing is an ongoing journey. Our 4-Step Loop Process ensures your content remains relevant, on-task, and attracts the right audience.


The Loop Marketing’s Brand Messaging and Positioning begins with an in-depth audit of your business’s current branding. That includes your current messaging, value propositions, and audience engagement.

We audit to identify what messaging works for your target audience on the micro and macro scale while investigating where your competitors are.

If your business is just starting, The Loop Marketing team will work with you to identify the right messaging to attract the right audience.


Once we’ve completed a detailed analysis of your current brand messaging and positioning, The Loop Marketing team works alongside you to develop an engaging brand story to build emotional connections with your audience.

Working together, our team will create a marketing strategy designed around your new messaging and positioning.

This includes creating a complete brand story, elevator pitch, and value proposition statements.

Every brand messaging and positioning strategy is unique to your business.


After approval; our digital marketing team begins developing and publishing your brand story. This includes revamping your web pages, editing content for your appropriate voice, and establishing cohesive messaging throughout all platforms.

All content is created with your target audience in mind, following digital marketing best practices.


After publication, our work is never done as we monitor, analyze, and work towards building stronger messaging for your audience.

We use advanced metrics to identify your current leads, top pages, and traffic acquisition. This data allows us to improve, revise, and create brand messaging that consistently works for you.

What Our Clients are Saying

“The Loop Marketing’s team guided us through the [rebranding and website redesign] project with great professionalism. Observing their process was amazing and gratifying.

Since our work with them our business has never been more successful. All their information was spot-on and aided our smaller non-profit grow into a larger space. We cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us and count ourselves blessed to have such great new friends of the agency.”

Brendan McCormick | Executive Director, Good Shepherd Center

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