In order to keep your business relevant, it is essential that you evolve your technology over time and make needed updates and improvements to your website. Sometimes that may look like a complete overhaul or it could be as simple as a few changes like adding a call to action button to your homepage. Here is a look at some of the top trends for web design in 2019 and beyond.

The Old is New Again

A retro look is making a comeback. Classic typefaces, iconography and color schemes from all decades of the past century are fair game for new websites. Retro looks have the added benefit of seeming fresh and new to younger internet users and cool and nostalgic for older users. These designs tend to be simple and highly graphic with an emphasis on style and aesthetics at the occasional expense of the overall user experience. They work well for lifestyle brands and technology alike but be sure to balance your creative vision against your goals and make sure the user experience lends itself to capturing new business and making sales, not just looking cool. 

Check out this example from Eat Genesis

Check out this example from Marian Pasqual

It’s all about Illustration and Custom Images with Pops of Color

Most web designs include images and it is in the display and treatment of images that we will see a change in 2019. Websites are moving away from using stock imagery of people and moving toward custom illustrations and cartoons to define new brand personalities. In addition to illustrations, brands are increasingly incorporating custom-designed art photography with colorful backgrounds. These images are “Instagram worthy” and can seem more like art photography and drawings in a gallery than traditional ad images.

Check out this example from By Alice Lee

Check out this example from Mailchimp

Check out this example from Dropbox Design

Say Goodbye to the Slider and Hello to the Hero Image

The familiar scrolling carousel of images is out and highly graphic, static images with bold headlines are in. From a user perspective, the sliders have become so overused that many people unconsciously tune them out. We call this “banner blindness” and it is the same sort of psychology that leads users to look at sliders as Ads or Spam to largely be ignored. In reaction to the downfall of the slider, web designers are focusing on “Hero Images” bright and dramatic photos that put the product or service from and center. 

Check out this example from Revive Kombucha

A New Layout Taking Shape

We saw some of this new style in web design layout begin to enter the picture last year. This year even more asymmetrical layouts are expected.  Designers are likely to use the term grid to refer to these types of layout. This new asymmetrical or broken grid design is abandoning the balance and order of traditional and embracing movement on the page. This can be used effectively to draw the users eye through the website, like a map, helping them focus on different elements and calls to action in a particular order. 
Check out this example from Bibliotheque Design

Video Content

In line with the trend of more asymmetrical layouts is the trend of adding video content front and center on your website as the first thing a visitor sees. Video is known to increase engagement on social media and if far more effective at “stopping the scroll” than text in that area. The same logic applies to your website design. Rather than asking your visitors to read your content, why not show them in a highly dynamic video. 

Check out this example from West Elm Hotels

Experimenting with Overlapping Designs

2019 will see the trend of more and more websites experimenting with overlapping elements. There was a time when each object or text block had its own space and crossing those lines was akin to breaking the rules. Now we are seeing patterns, text, and objects overlapping to create an engaging and kinetic website experience that is entirely new and experimental. The mobile movement had long presented challenges to web design, especially in this arena, but technology is catching up, so be on the lookout for these innovative methods making their way from the desktop to mobile. 

Check out this example from Studio Revele

Ever Changing, Always Exciting

Website design is always changing but the importance of creating a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience never does. Keeping up with the trends will keep your website relevant and fresh. We encourage you to take advantage of these trends on your website but remember that the core of any successful website is its ability to meet your business’s needs and goals. Keep those in mind and you adapt to and weather the trends with ease.

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