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The Loop Marketing Inc is a resource for small to medium sized businesses and non-profits who want the same type of marketing that large companies have access to but with great service and at affordable prices.  The Loop Marketing Inc completes “the loop” of marketing, which connects effective and proven methods of online marketing together to make a campaign that is far more powerful than the sum of its parts.


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The Loop Marketing Inc is a YEXT Certified Partner
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What are people saying about The Loop Marketing Inc?

The Loop Marketing Inc did a great job in assisting The YMI Group with the development of our new website.  Their support since the implementation has been outstanding.

Our President and I highly recommend The Loop Marketing’s services to those looking to enhance their companies exposure.

Michael Carpenter

Vice President, YMI Group

Elijah’s organization is very good about caring about the customers needs, listening and offering solutions.  He is also willing to try and think of things “outside of the box” to work with his clients.  He does this because he truly cares about you and wants you and your business to succeed.  I would definitely recommend him to friends and I have.

Eleanor Sweet

Nationally recognized Executive Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Executive Recruiter, and Corporate Consultant

As a small business owner, it is important for me to be able to rely on people like Eli at The Loop Marketing.  He is always available whenever I need him, even at a moments notice, when I need some advice.  It is one less thing I have to worry about given my busy schedule.

Jonathan Smith

Owner, International TEFL Academy Nicaragua

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Why Are My Google Analytics Numbers Inflated and What Can I Do About It?

Many of my clients within the past several months have noticed something that initially seemed exciting – their overall traffic was making huge gains and their traffic graph looked like a hockey stick.  For most businesses running a site and monitoring their Analytics numbers on their own, they may continue to believe to this day that there was some miracle of modern marketing that increased their traffic.  For my clients, I had to tell them the truth – most of that “traffic” never even made it to the site. Many people know what the term “spam” is, mainly from those unsolicited emails that end up in their “spam” folder.  For those who deal with online marketing, “spam” can come in many different forms, but generally it means that something is being manipulated artificially through automation, and it is usually used to a devious end.  Email spam, of course, is using automated emails sent to bulk lists.  “Link spam” is an automated process of creating low quality site links that are replicated over and over to increase website authority artificially for Search Engine Optimization gains.  Of all of the different types of spam, there are only two that Google has not done everything they can to root out – Analytics Referral Spam and the kind of spam you find in the supermarket. While we may never know what supermarket Spam is made from, we know what constitutes Referral Spam in Analytics.  When you are in your Google Analytics dashboard and drill down to check out your Acquisition numbers, you will see a huge number of Referral visits compared to the... read more

A Big Fish Story – When Social Media Attacks a Chicago Area Restaurant

For most small businesses, generating buzz via word of mouth across social media platforms is a dream come true.  Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp can help companies reach new audiences while keeping existing customers engaged in their brand.  Companies large and small invest time and money trying to unlock the secret to going “viral” on the internet. But what happens when Facebook or Twitter becomes a platform for people to speak out against your business?  One Chicago-area restaurant recently learned the hard way that the negative experience of one customer coupled with the power of social media was enough to draw national news coverage and threats of a protest. Big Fish Grille, a family-owned restaurant located in south suburbs of Chicago, recently came under fire after a hostess reportedly asked a nursing mother to cover up or move to a more private area after other patrons complained.  Kristal Snow Tomko then took to Facebook late Sunday night to express her feelings on the incident. “We were seated and ordered and sure enough, my 6-month-old threw a tantrum and was ready to eat,” wrote Tomko.  “Naturally, I began feeding my baby as I always do, everywhere. I breast feed. Really not ever been an issue. Until today.” Tomko’s post indicates that she was never asked to leave, but was asked to move to a private area – an empty dining room or a restroom. By the next day, screenshots of the post were being shared wildly across pro-breastfeeding and mothers’ pages, as well as on Twitter. Her original post has been shared over 950 times, and it didn’t end... read more

Let’s Put Our Cities on The Map from Google

“Let’s Put Our Cities On the Map” is an initiative from Google, which has a goal of getting every local business online.  According to Google statistics, 4 out of 5 people use search engines to find basic information about a business, like their location or hours of operation.  Businesses who have complete listings in search engines are then twice as likely to be chosen by those who are searching – a tremendous advantage.  Unfortunately, many businesses are overlooking this opportunity, and we want to help. The Loop Marketing Inc is very proud to be an official Google Partner and a local representative for the “Let’s Get Our Cities On the Map” Initiative.  We will be be setting up special events in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs where business can stop in and learn more about getting online, even if they don’t have a website set up yet.  In addition to educating business owners about managing their online presence, The Loop Marketing Inc will have access to tools that will help set up and expedite their Google local profiles, so the business information that appears in Google Maps will accurately represent their business.   All of this is free and sponsored by Google, and there will even be snacks and some neat Google giveaways at select events. Please check our events calendar for more information about events coming to your area.  If you are interested in getting your business online but cannot attend one of our programs, please send us an email or call (312)... read more

Online Marketing for Seasonal Businesses

For most businesses, marketing year round is a no-brainer.  If you are a retailer, you can offer different holiday deals throughout the year.  Clothing lines can offer different clothing selections.  Restaurants might offer special meals and drinks to go with the season. Seasonal businesses, however, can shut down or slow dramatically during the off season.  For landscaping companies and other seasonal businesses, online marketing can not only be a lifeline during those months that sales have stalled, but can help grow and strengthen your business when used appropriately. Using these resources can help you generate income, keep communication open with your customers, and create buzz leading up to the season.  Online marketing for seasonal business is essential. Email Marketing Email marketing is the pinnacle of online marketing because it is a direct line to your customers.  During your prime season, email marketing is a great tool to send promotional info or to get feedback about your services and products. It can be an even better tool during your off season. It is during your offseason that email marketing can be great for keeping your company on the minds of your customers.  Newsletters are a great way to give tips that might be useful for your customers during the offseason and get them thinking about your services for the warmer months.  For example, you can share tips on protecting and caring for your plants during the winter months, or you can get people in the planning mode early with design inspirations. Another great use is to prepare for the upcoming season by offering early bird promotions and securing business before... read more

Should I Switch My Online Ad Spending from AdWords to Yahoo! and Bing?

For many, Google’s AdWords is the go-to choice for their pay-per-click advertising campaigns, which makes sense considering they make up 67% of the market share. But why settle for casting your net in only 67% of the water, when you can cast it over 90% of the water and have an even better chance of catching a big fish? Bing or Yahoo! may each make only a small difference in your business on their own, but since joining forces and creating the Yahoo Bing Network (YBN) in 2010, they are a force to be reckoned with.  Yahoo! and Bing now run on the same Microsoft AdCenter network with the same partner sites.  Collectively, they make up nearly 30% of the market share. This is a good enough reason to consider the other benefits of adding Yahoo! and Bing to your marketing strategy. It’s Easy to Set-Up You may be thinking that you will have to start from scratch pouring time into creating a brand new ad campaign for YBN.  There is no need for this because they have made it incredibly simple to import your entire Google AdWords account directly into your YBN account.  This makes it basically hassle free if you already have a Google AdWords account set up. Save Money The Yahoo! Bing Network costs about 50%-70% less on a per-click basis than its competition at Google.  If you are paying by impressions, the cost can be 75%-90% less than AdWords.  This can add up to huge savings, while still allowing you to reach a market of over 45 million potential customers who are only using YBN.... read more